Goodnight Moon (mismatchedsocks) wrote,
Goodnight Moon

call me alvin.


my wisdom teeth have be removed. they were surprisingly not as painful as i thought they'd be yesterday when i got home from the dentists office, but maybe that's because the anesthetic was still in my system. today i'm swollen and they bloody hurt.

in that vein, when i stumbled back into the house, my mom under one arm and my sister under the other since, i was so drugged up, groggy and weak that i thought i could race my sister down the hallway to the couch. i could bearly walk and i wanted to race; was laughing my ass off the whole time. then after i sat down, my mom gave my boyfriend a chocolate muffin and i started going on about how i wanted the muffin and how i was confused that not everyone got a muffin and only him. my mom retells the exchange really well. also i made her move these little snow-people we have sitting on top of the tv because ' i didn't want them staring at me'. i have absolutely no recollection of these conversations, but i do remember looking behind me on the living room table and seeing that forbidden muffin...

so i survived. now i just have to deal with looking like a fucking chipmunk for the next few days and waiting for the stiches to come out so i can eat real food again.

i'm so hungry and sore today. time to pop some painkillers and ice my face some more.
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