Goodnight Moon (mismatchedsocks) wrote,
Goodnight Moon

feeling infinite.

andrew and i just finished reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. i loved it. i really did. i read it years ago and remember not liking it. this time around it was amazing. fuckin' great. i'd completely forgotten everything in it so it was like reading a new book. i think it was good that i read it with someone, too (rather, had it read to by someone... who knew andrew would like reading out loud so much? what a perfect reading partner. the english accent was a bonus.) anyway, it was good that i was reading it with someone because then i had to wait until we both had free time to read. and that made the book last longer. which made it even better because of the anticipation. i'm sad it's over and i don't get to hear what charlie has done over the past few days, and whether he's "participating" or not.

i think it's a good piece of writing when you start referring to fictional character's as though they're real and their world is real. i'll miss charlie and his world.
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