Goodnight Moon (mismatchedsocks) wrote,
Goodnight Moon

morality v. reality.


prostitution laws rejected

give them fucking zones... it's inevitable, so at least protect the women who are selling their bodies at the demand of the menfolk who'll get away scotch free in the eyes of the law. give them the right to not be prosecuted for an industry that has been operating since forever. if not for anything else, the government is supposed to protect all of its citizens. so fucking do it.

it maybe a scary moral proposition, but fuck that. we're talking law, not morals. and if we're talking political suicide, 80,000 women are doing it. and many, many more men are using their services. evidently, many voters don't seem to mind the idea of prostitution. allow an establishment to ensure their safety. 2 women to a legal brothel? let me repeat: 80,000 recorded women. wouldn't it be more politically viable to allow more women to a brothel so that the number of brothels appears to be smaller?

i just don't get it.
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