Goodnight Moon (mismatchedsocks) wrote,
Goodnight Moon

word association at work.

my fingers hurt.
swivel chairs don't really serve a purpose.
if i see or type the words "manufacturing" or "maintenance" on more time, i'm going to punch someone in the face.
wonder what that button does...
fear and loathing in las vegas is a little trip into insanity.
very suitable for my current state of mind..
... get... me... out... of... here...
i want to go to cambodia.
and vietnam.
and india.
and tibet.
i wonder if my voice sounds different to people than it does in my head.
i hope it's not gruff.
i also hope it's not too high.
i hope it sounds the way it does in my head.
i need to call the consulate again.
so weird hearing american accents.
i still don't feel too hot from spinning after eating lunch.
it's a beautiful day outside.
warm and sunny...
or so i've been told.
my office has no windows.
and the door is always closed.
i'm really glad no one is around,
cause whatever i ate gave me gas.
so i really wish i did have a window.
spinning, spinning.
i love office stuff.
especially the adhesive stuff.
cause it's good for organizing,
and i love organizing..
but i wish i had a secretary to do it for me.
i can't believe i've been here for 6 hours already.
i just shot an industrial sized staple into the paper thin wall with a staple gun.
but it's okay because i don't think anyone will notice.
i'm not supposed to have a staple gun up here,
but i liked the shiny exterior,
and had to find out how much power it was packing.
a lot, it turns out.
it almost went through the plasterboard.
that was definitely more fun than my task for the day:
writing a manual on how to use a hole punch.
what type of idiot can't figure it out?
i saw a robot today.
it was red.
the dude operating said it was communicating with me,
but i think he might have been crazy.
i couldn't tell either way
because i was too busy devising a plan to steal the staple gun.
but now that i think about it,
what a bullshit robot;
it couldn't even shoot lasers or fly.
my fingers hurt.
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